We’re transparent about our funeral costs.

We understand the cost of funerals is sometimes a big worry for families.

A funeral can be a large, often unexpected, expense.

We will talk you through the costs for different funerals and always provide you with a written estimate in advance of the funeral. This way, you know exactly what it will cost, subject to any additions made after the estimate has been given. Examples of such additions would be obituaries or service sheets.

A simple funeral would work out to be a little less than our more popular funeral packages detailed below, and, of course, selecting a more expensive coffin and having many “extras” would increase the final account significantly.

To the right you can download our Standardised Price List, which all funeral directors are legally required to display on their websites and in their funeral homes. It shows a breakdown of our Simple Funeral, more details of which can be found on the next page / tab.

The Arthur Jary & Sons Funeral

£2700.00, plus any fees due, and includes:

  • Attention to all our professional services in arranging the funeral
  • Bringing your loved one into our care at any time of day or night within 20 miles of your local Arthur Jary & Sons Office, and provision of all care required (inclusive of embalming if requested)
  • Provision of a Funeral Director, Hearse and up to 6 bearers on the day of the funeral
  • Provision of our Warwick oak veneer coffin (Our Warwick coffin is supplied as standard, and is suitable for both burial and cremation. Alternative coffins are available, please see our brochure and price list for costs.)

Additional Services

  • Provision of limousines £220.00 per vehicle. (Our limousines will collect you from an address and return you home, or to a venue for refreshments after the service, if desired.)
  • Our attention to the arranging and attendance of interment of cremated remains £170.00
  • Our attention to the arranging, grave preparation and attendance of interment of cremated remains £265.00
  • Separate Service & Committal charge £180.00 (Applicable when a service takes place in a Church or Chapel before the committal takes place in either the Churchyard, Cemetery or Crematorium) 
  • Taking the deceased home, or into Church, overnight before the day of the funeral £230.00 (£310 if after 4pm)
  • Our attendance and conveyance of the deceased into our care, within Norfolk & Suffolk, but beyond the 20 mile radius £230.00
  • Our additional cost for a funeral on a Saturday £500.00


Typical third-party fees (known as disbursements) for funerals are as follows:

  • Fee for Great Yarmouth Crematorium £1050.00
  • Fee for Waveney Memorial Park & Crematorium, Beccles £1025.00
  • Fee for St Faith’s or Earlham Crematoria, Norwich £1180.00
  • Fee for Cremation Certificates £82.00 (there is no charge if the Coroner is involved)
  • Fee for a Church of England Minister £228.00 plus any travel expenses, and extra costs may be incurred if the service takes place in a Church
  • Fee for a Funeral Celebrant £180 – £200
  • Churchyard fee for burial, either before or after the service in Church £366.00
  • Churchyard fee for a graveside funeral service £399.00
  • Churchyard fee for a burial of cremated remains £192.00 plus any travel expenses
  • Grave preparation & reinstatement £550.00 (Please note extra costs may be incurred if a grave is prepared for a casket or extra depth)

*Please note that some smaller Parish Council Cemeteries have different costs. Please contact us for a specific quote.

All fees are correct as of April 2024.

Contact us now for an accurate estimate on funeral services.

If you would like us to give you a more accurate estimate for a funeral, please telephone us or call in. We will need to ask you a few questions to ascertain your requirements, and our estimate will be inclusive of all fees and services as discussed. A no obligation, written estimate can be given if requested.

Once arrangements have been made, a written confirmation and estimate will be given.
Invoices will usually be sent a week after the funeral. A disbursement charge of £100 will automatically be added to all funeral accounts, but will be deducted if the invoice is settled within one month.

At your time of need, our funeral directors are here for you.

Download Our Funeral Costs
During this difficult time, our caring funeral directors and staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer compassionate guidance and support throughout the process ahead.

We are a family-owned company with more than a century of experience caring for the bereaved with consideration and empathy, supporting our clients through their emotions.